"Patricia is a registered pediatric nurse and an avid artist. She has also been a religious education teacher for more than 20 years. A wife and an amazing mother of four grown children, Patti draws inspiration from her five young grandchildren who enjoy her stories that illustrate the loving attributes of God."

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Patricia Karwatowicz

Thanks so much for visiting my web site! Here you'll find information about me, my passion for religious writing for children, as well as information on my books and where you can buy them.

I'm busy publishing stories in magazines--twenty-two and counting! Also, I'm working on two middle-grade novels and more picture books so check back soon or drop me an email for more information.

The books can be ordered on Amazon.com or directly from me by clicking here. Just tell me which book(s) you would like signed and how many copies!

Some of my life philosophies developed by the characters in my books:

  • Never give up on God.
  • God loves us.
  • God wants us to share his love with others.

    These are my first(!) three books. A middle-grade novel is in the editing stage. I have always loved a blank sheet of paper and now a computer screen. It's a gift waiting to happen from God's rich store of blessings. The books I write at sixty I couldn't have written at thirty.